Thursday, May 14, 2009

Not For Kids, Anymore

I know, I know. I haven't been around much lately. The blogger bug has left me for a while. Maybe this will get me back on track!

Anyway, I saw this video earlier today. It makes me feel sad.

Some of my favorite memories from being a kid surround baseball and football cards. I loved opening up those packs and seeing the players inside, trading cards with my friends, hoping for a Ryne Sandberg or a George Brett. I would save my allowance and paper route money for weeks so I could go to JD's Baseball Card Shop and buy some cards. I honestly believe it helped me develop my love for sports today.

The saddest part of this video comes when these guys talk about opening the packs and how excited they get. Then you see how much these things cost today. My kids will probably never know what that feels like. Maybe that's silly, but it still makes me feel down.


Leah said...

Welcome back. You should box up all your old baseball cards and let the kids buy them off of you. At a fair price of course.

shoeless joel said...

Hey! I've been out of the blogger picture too and just posted when I saw you had. We need to motivate each other.

Also, yeah.

Sarah said...

I remember buying baseball cards at Giant T. I also remember almost breaking a tooth on that horrid gum. I still chewed it though. I'm surprised you've never been involved in a baseball card league with my dad. One year I deliberately came in last in the league so I could get the #1 draft choice. (I won the World Series that year.) Good times, good times.

mom/diane said...

We still have some baseball cards in the basemet.